Monday, 21 October 2013

Armory Announce Release Date and Cover For Empyrean Realms

Armory is a power metal band from Massachusetts but I don't necessarily want to label them as USPM... Sure they're American but their sound is much closer to European counterparts such as Sonata Arctica and Edguy.

After releasing a great debut in 2007, The Dawn of Enlightenment, the band has been hard at work and have finally announced a date, on (I know it's a weird source but people actually use that website including myself), for their highly anticipated second album, Empyrean Realms. That date is November 12 everyone so remember to mark it down. Only if you want to hear some great power metal though...

And now enjoy the great cover for Empyrean Realms which seems to be a pirate ship sailing through space, beyond the planets towards a vortex of purple glory... (?)

If this band is foreign to you, then please check out their first album The Dawn of Enlightenment. Here's the epic Faith and Steel from it. 

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