Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Children of Bodom Announce North American Tour

Children of Bodom, who are in the midst of touring Europe with (on selected dates) Decapitated and Insomnium, have just announced their North American Tour that will span from mid February to the end of March.

Support comes from Tyr, who released their newest album Valkyrja in September, and it was rumored that Hypocrisy was going to hop on the tour too although that rumor has been denied. So it seems like another main support band might jump on. Hmm... who could possibly end up on this bill... As I looked through Nuclear Blast bands, I could see Kataklysum jump on since their winter North American tour with Sepultura was cancelled however they are touring Europe right before Children of Bodom sets out so maybe not so possible.

Whoever the third support may be, is this worth going to? Are the days where Janne and Alexi would get drunk and duel for hours over? Do they just get drunk and... suck now? I can't tell how their live shows have been these days since I've never seem them however, the band did release a fair comeback with their most recent album  from June, Halo of Blood. 

Here's the poster and dates.

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