Friday, 25 October 2013

Xandria Have a New Vocalist

Yes you heard that right, Xandria have announced on their official website the departure of their vocalist Manuella Kraller due to her decision to "continue a different musical path". Their new vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen comes from the Dutch progressive metal band Ex Libris.

Xandria had released a fantastic album, Neverworld's End in 2012 creating a fierce symphonic metal masterpiece that easily ranks where favourites such as Oceanborn and Wishmaster by Nightwish stand. 

But the question now is whether they will be able to follow up from such a great album with Dianne. Manuella's performance on Nerverworld's End was certainly very powerful. After listening to her her performance with Ex Libris, I do think that Xandria's next album has great potential!

Here's the track Daughter of Corinth off of Ex Libris' EP Medea from 2011, a collection of demo's from their upcoming album of the same name which is planned to be released in early 2014. I suggest you give the whole EP a shot and get a taste of Dianne and Ex Libris.

In case you've never listened to Neverworld's End, here's Valentine and listen to the whole fucking album!

And the new Xandria look. 

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